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Crimson Export Crafting the Way You Need

Our lab of experts in the field delivers the best of the crafted gems to shine and spark in the jewel you craft..

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Design, followed by Form & Function. Our core values allow us to innovate & push forward.

Unique perspective
Gemstones have a beauty unlike anything else, because they allow light inside and refract it.
We at Crimson Export are committed to create Gemstones that are not only desirable, but also extraordinary. We strive to provide our clients with the best quality cuts and designs for their jewelry and to share our knowledge and experience.

Our Designing Process

1. Grading: All roughs are tested and only the best graded roughs are selected for

2. Preforming: Selected gems are then preformed and are given the desired shape
according to client requirements.

3. Selection Process and QC: Best preformed roughs are then quality checked and
Selected for Calibration and Final Polish.

4. Calibration: Selected stones are then calibrated according to desire and requirements
of the clients.

5. Final/Griddle Polishing: After the final calibration, preformed and QC’ed stones are
sent for griddle and final cut polish. Once polished, the final stones are assorted for the

6. Quality Check: Final checks are done according to the color, sizing, and cut
requirement set by the client.


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How to Select Gemstone

Best quality roughs are selected and selected roughs are assorted for inclusion, colors, shape and size.

Cutting of Gemstone

Once selected, roughs are cut according to client requirement, calibrated, and are given the desired shape and size.

How to Polish Gemstone

Calibrated and cut stones are then faceted and griddle polished, and are Quality Checked according to the client specifications

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