Our Process

Our Designing Process

  • 1. Grading: All roughs are tested and only the best graded roughs are selected for Preforming.
  • 2. Preforming: Selected gems are then preformed and are given the desired shape according to client requirements.
  • 3. Selection Process and QC: Best preformed roughs are then quality checked and Selected for Calibration and Final Polish.
  • 4. Calibration: Selected stones are then calibrated according to desire and requirements of the clients.
  • 5. Final/Griddle Polishing: After the final calibration, preformed and QC’ed stones are
    sent for griddle and final cut polish. Once polished, the final stones are assorted for the clients.
  • 6. Quality Check: Final checks are done according to the color, sizing, and cut requirement set by the client.